Senior Tributes- March 1, 2019. Midnight.  

Senior recognition ads  can be purchased at until March 1st, 2019.

Don’t forget to purchase a 2019 Yearbook at Supplies are limited so buy now.

Yearbook Recognition Ads – Senior Tributes
Full Page                           $265
Half Page                          $140
Quarter Page                     $90
Eighth of a Page                $60

ALL senior tributes must be submitted online by March 1st, 2019. Payment is required at the time of placement. No late orders will be accepted. Credit or debit cards will be accepted. You may also use this link to create, upload, and pay for your Senior Tribute (Senior ad).

Yearbooks may be purchased online using debit or credit cards.
Receipts can be printed at the time of purchase.

$70.00 (+$7.00 personalization)    Back-to-School Offer 1             7/1/18 – 9/28/18
$70.00                                                     Fall Offer 2                         9/29/18 – 11/2/18
$75.00.                                                   Winter Offer 3                    11/3/18 -12/14/18
$80.00                                            Last Chance Offer 4                  12/15/18 – 2/15/19
$85.00                                                     Spring Offer 5                     2/16/19 – 5/25/19

Any questions? Send an email to This is the quickest way to get a reply.

Thank You,
Yearbook Staff