1st Semester finals schedule

Tuesday December 19th:
1st: 7:30-9:00
Pass: 9:00-9:10
2nd: 9:10-10:40
Pass: 10:40-10:50
3rd: 10:50-12:20
Lunch: 12:20-1:20
4th: 1:25-2:55
Pass: 2:55-3:00
Home room (kids who drive OFF CAMPUS): 3:00-3:30

Wednesday December 20th:
5th: 7:30-9:00
Pass: 9:00-9:10
6th: 9:10-10:40
Pass: 10:40-10:50
7th hour: 10:50-12:20
Lunch (kids who drive OFF CAMPUS): 12:20-1:00
School wide movie in auditorium: 1:05-3:30

Thursday December 21st:
MAKE-UP DAY: any student who missed a final or needs to finish one can come in on this day. NO district transportation. Teachers have the day to grade.