PCHS Softball Summer/Fall Schedule 2016

July 11thPitchers/Catchers only report
Mondays and Wednesday

July 25thAll other players/positions (plus pitchers and catchers) report
MWF 9am-11am

August 8thALL Players/Position
MTWR 4pm-6pm
Friday TBD

August 15th– Tryouts Start/Official Start of Season
MTWR 4-6pm
Fridays TBD

Coach Mac       719-423-9832
Coach Gerald   719-214-9988
Coach Melissa 719-250-7693
Coach Boyson 719-569-9410

Attention staff and students

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Under current Colorado law, school officials are not allowed to administer medication of any kind.  This includes over the counter medications as well.  Parents have three options in arranging for their child to receive medication while at school.

  1. Obtain a district medication form (available at the link below) from the school office prior to visiting your doctor and have him/her complete the form indicating the drug, dose, time to be taken, and have them sign it.  After affixing your signature please return the form and medication to the school office.  Parents must handle all medications and its transportation both to and from school.  The medication must be in its original container with the prescription attached.  Authorized school officials will lock the medicine up and sign off as the student takes his/her medication.
  2. You may come to school and administer the medication to your child.
  3. You may discuss with your doctor an alternate schedule so that the medication may be administered outside of school hours.

NOTE: Please do not send ANY medications to school with your child (including over-the-counter allergy meds, Tylenol, aspirin, cough drops).

Authorization to Administer Medication at School


Hey Hornets come get your Hornet pride on and come support your local Deca store. The Deca store is open in-between classes and after school until 4:30 pm 

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  • Hoodies $40
  • Sweatshirt $35
  • Baseball shirt $25
  • long sleeve shirt $20
  • Short sleeve $15